3 Simple Exercises to stay Physically Fit during Pregnancy


3 Simple Exercises to stay Physically Fit during Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with a wide range of changes – you have to change your lifestyle, including what you eat, and how you exercise, as you adjust to your fast chasing body and prepare for motherhood. It is easy to think that being pregnant means that you stop your exercises. The truth is, there are several exercises you can undertake during your pregnancy, which would make the pregnancy experience and childbirth easy. Prior to starting any exercise, warm-up properly, and cool down and stretch once you are finished.


Yoga has a calming effect on the body, as it enables the mind to relax and de-stress. Besides, the yoga practice helps you to maintain your body’s flexibility, as well as strengthen your muscles. Also, the yoga exercise boosts blood circulation, which keeps your blood pressure in check. What’s more, you can work out to your comfort levels, moving as slowly or quickly as your body would allow.


Swimming is an excellent exercise during pregnancy because it does not put pressure on your joints. Besides, swimming is safe for yourself and the unborn baby, as it is not associated with risks of falling or injury, when done properly. Make sure that you adopt a stroke that does not strain your shoulders, neck or back muscles. The breaststroke is recommended as it involves moving your arms and legs, meaning you get a great workout without necessarily moving your torso.

Stationary Biking

During your pregnancy, the thought of falling off and hurting yourself or your unborn child can lead you to stop biking, even if you love it. Good news, as the stationary biking routine provides an alternative. Stationary bikes are safer, low-impact exercises that make for an excellent cardio exercise. To be safe, adjust the bike seat and handlebars, so you don’t excessively strain your back.

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