4 Bodybuilding Tips to Get Faster Results

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4 Bodybuilding Tips to Get Faster Results

It is important to come up with perfect work-out plan and correct diet in order to achieve the desired bodybuilding results. The time to be covered, the exercises to be included in the program and the rest period need to be put into consideration. It is the high time you hit the gym in order to obtain that ideal body you have been dreaming. The following guidelines are important in ensuring that the desired body structure is achieved.

Performing exercises that work more than one muscle groups at a time

There is a limited time for you to hit the gym at achieve the desired body structure thereby exercises performed should aim at working more muscle groups at once. According to Shannon Clark, squat works out the quads and the hamstrings while triceps pushdowns only work the triceps. Therefore, the later is less desirable in achieving the ideal physique within a short period of time.

Moreover, bench press works the chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps thereby speeding the wanted body structure.

Lifting more weight over time

You should aim in adding more weight to the bar consecutively in order to make a difference on the rate of muscle gain. Harding more weight with time is more effective than working so hard to lift same weight every time you hit the gym.

Therefore, the strategy should be lifting heavier and heavier weights to gain muscle within a short period of time.

Aim at obtaining a change within every two weeks

According to Clark, a point where you stagnate by not gaining more muscle despite workouts is the plateau. It requires one to be very careful to avoid a plateau which regularly occurs to most individuals at some point in their workout process. You will not want to spend two weeks in the gym without any change because this will be a wasted effort and time.


Remember that rest is very important after every bodybuilding exercise. Training too hard may lead to wear and tear of muscles thereby leading to unnecessary medical checkups that will end up slowing the whole workout process. Resting allows one to get stronger and ready for the next work out process thereby enhancing your ability in the gym

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