5 Precautions to Take When Training To Gain Muscle

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5 Precautions to Take When Training To Gain Muscle

As you train to gain more muscles it is ideal to take into consideration safety. In order to be able to progress as planned through exercises of lifting heavier weights progressively or increasing resistance with time in order to build stronger muscles you need to carry out some precautions. it is necessary for you to avoid injuries at all costs because they are body builders worst enemy. The following are five precautions to consider when training to gain a masculine body.

Wear appropriate workout clothing

It is in order to put on clothes that allow your body parts to move to all directions with ease thereby not restricting any motion. Heavy jeans are not advisable in the gym as you would appear very uncomfortable in performing exercises such as squats. Also well fitting sport shoes are recommended to ease foot movements.

Warm up and cool down for at least 10 minutes

You cannot miss warming up before the start of any exercise to allow your body relax and get ready for the workout. According to Hugo Rivera, warming up is recommended as it reduces injuries during working out. Fast walking, jogging and running are some warming up exercises that will help the heart pump thereby preparing the body for intense workout as blood will be flowing throughout the body.

Put limitations to avoid tearing of muscles

It is important to set limitations on what weight to lift with time to avoid over-stressing the muscles while you aim at getting your body into more training. Muscles and joints should not feel pain due to exercise. Serious pain should be distinguished from fatigue and thereby you should try not to drop weight at the verge of lifting as it would lead to serious injury on your muscles.

Be attentive to your breath

The rate at which you take air in and out of your lungs is an important factor in an exercise. In weight lifting, it is in order to exhale while lifting the weight and inhale while lowering the weight.

Holding your breath during weight training without paying enough attention can lead to dizziness and even fainting.

Avoid twisting your back

Bending or twisting your back can lead to back injuries which may adversely affect your weight training program. It is proper to avoid at all costs twisting your back while lifting weights which can put indue stress on the lower back.

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