5 Ways Skinny Men Can Gain Muscle

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5 Ways Skinny Men Can Gain Muscles

It is the high time you did something to stop feeling inferior amongst your beefy friends or even worse getting rejected by that girl you are eyeing. These five tips will help you gain the desired masculine body structure.

Eat Protein

Taking almost the maximum protein amount the body can use per which is 1 gram per pound of body weight as per landmark study helps in gaining weight within a small time period. In addition, it is important to split calories equally between fats and carbohydrates per day. Therefore you need to eat lots of proteins which are building blocks for muscle together with carbohydrates which are sources of energy to the body in order to develop muscles. Thereby it is important to consider eating Protein like Protein Powders, eggs, fish, chicken and rice to gain muscle.

Eat regularly

In order to gain muscle weight, consider eating after every 2-3 hours because your body needs nutrients all the time. It is advisable to eat heavy breakfast, take a snack after say two hours, have a lunch with a lot of protein, and eat a snack after two hours then finally a healthy evening meal. It is important to perform some workout exercises after which a snack is taken. The normal three meals per day is not enough as the muscles takes long to be fed.

Rest to grow

Many people tend to think that you gain muscle when you work out but according to Adrian Guscia you grow when you rest. Hitting the gym daily without enough rest will only cause muscle tearing thereby you will end up overworking yourself.

Set targets

It is important to set goals say per year to gain a certain amount of muscle pounds and track your progress monthly. Guscia points that hitting the helps not only becoming physically strong but also mentally. You become more determined and gain more confidence to achieve the desired muscles as become more healthy too.

Aim more on compound exercises

You need muscles all over your body but not only some parts of your body. Therefore it is important not to only focus on working out with machines but also perform exercises like bench presses squats and overhead presses among others.

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