Top 5 Exercises to Consider

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Body Building Tips for Men: Top 5 Exercises to Consider

It is important for you to train your body to be fit and transform your body for the better. Most guys want to become more muscular, get more energy or improve mobility while choosing an exercise. Choosing the correct exercise is an important aspect in ensuring that there is progression in having a healthy body.  You should consider the following five exercises.

Hand held Push Up

These are advanced Push Ups that would help you focus more on chest as opposed normal Push Ups. This exercise is beneficial as the movement stops when you lower your body to the ground by yourself. Also, motion has a bigger range as the chest touches the floor.

Chin Up

This exercise wide back and you get to develop bigger biceps with little effort. A stronger and bigger upper body is achieved without having fancy gym machineries at your disposal.

The Step Up

This is a single-leg work to strengthen weakness and imbalances between sides thereby enhancing how you walk and run. Step Ups help build your hips and hamstrings therefore help you avoid injury and even keep up with quads.

The Goblet Box Squat

This exercise is recommended for general fitness as one move from standing to sitting position and back systematically. You will find it easy on the back and knees and sitting down on a box enhances your squat depth. Putting your weight on the front side automatically corrects your squatting thereby making you become more upright to exert weight better on your hips and thighs.


This exercise targets to develop abs of steel and also build stronger arms. You do this exercise on the floor therefore it is not necessary to have parallel bars. However, the exercise will pose a challenge in mastering it but once it is captured it will be worth yours efforts. It is advisable for beginners to do it knees flexed and progress slowly to L-Sit with time.

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